Social Program

There are a variety of social events, namely the conference dinner, a Braga walking tour and excursions to the neighbor towns of Guimarães (the historic birth place of Portugal) and Oporto (the capital of the north) on Friday afternoon, 26 October.

Excursions – 26 October

  • Excursion to Guimarães

    A guided visit to the Palace of the Dukes of Braganza and to Guimarães’ historic center (a World Heritage site) by the first Duchess of Braganza, in a historical reenactment of her life, habits and secrets

    • Follow in the Portuguese king’s footsteps
    • Get to know the historic city inside and out the defensive walls of its old suburbs
    • Remember the promises that João I made to Our Lady de Oliveira
    • Visit the S. Lázaro Chapel and Monument, D. João I street, Church and Third Order of S. Dominic, Toural, Customs Tower (where it says "Aqui nasceu Portugal", “Here Portugal was born”), Church and Chapel of Our Lady De Guia, Oliveira Church
  • Excursion to Porto

    • Walk along the wharfs and discover an extraordinary landscape
    • Visit of one of the most famous Port wine cellars and enjoy a wine tasting
    • Cross the river on board of a traditional boat
    • Embark on a guided tour of Porto’s historic center, a World Heritage site by UNESCO since 1996

      • See a variety of landmarks (churches, a Cathedral, mansions, gardens, and ancient military walls) and the famous Palácio da Bolsa
      • Hear the stories and legends that characterize this beautiful place